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KORA ltd.

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KORA Ltd. has a big experience and achieved significant results in manufacturing and development of fiberglass products. Manufacturing of details is carried out by InTexPlast Ltd., which conducts a full cycle of works from development and manufacturing of technological accessories to the release of ready products and their delivery to the assembly line.

From 2002 KORA Ltd. is a developer of fiberglass cabin panels for NEFAZ buses in tourist, urban and interurban versions: front and rear parts of the bus and also its dashboard. In 2002 based on passed details from NEFAZ, accessories were developed and serial production of fiberglass exterior parts and a dashboard for serial buses NEFAZ (NEFAZ-5299, and NEFAZ-59111 Tourist) had started.

KORA specialists accomplished interior and exterior design, designed structures, developed accessories for manufacturing of front and rear bus parts, and also dashboards for NEFAZ buses series.