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Electro Pneumatic Transmission

Electro Pneumatic gear box transmission is meant for gear box distance control of buses, trucks and special technology.

From 2000, KORA Ltd. supplies EPT to assembly lines of assembly factories. EPT is adapted to KAMAZ, YAMZ, SAAZ (ZIL) gear boxes, and works on its application to ZF transmission control.

In different regions of Russia, there are more than 1000 EPT operating vehicles, mostly buses. Mileages of many cars are exceeding 300 000km, all of the cars are supplied with EPT warranty and maintenance services.

Major part of EPT vehicles are operating in Tatarstan, Leningrad, Samara, Kemerovo, Saratov, Ryazan, and Yaroslavl and in other regions of Russia. There are vehicles that are operating in Murmansk region, Siberia and on Sakhalin. Operating experience has shown that EPT operate equally well in all climate zones, regardless the season.

To ensure it warranty guarantees KORA Ltd. supplies EPT with spare parts package, if needed organizes storage and service centers for spare parts, conducts free of charge instructions for drivers and operating organizations service personnel, supplying all the necessary EPT informative materials.

With an expiry of warranty service, if the customer wishes EPT support manning could be organized.

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