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Cable Drive

KORA Ltd. provides design, adaptation, manufacturing of samples, and serial delivery of cables for buses gear box control, with working force of 80 kg, pedal and hand mechanism control transmission, fuel pumps and valve transmission.

Cable drive controls have larger application opportunities in construction, agricultural machinery, trucks and buses, passenger car industry, and also industrial automobiles and machinery.

Kongsberg Automotive (Teleflex Morse) cables are used in aggregate distance control transmissions that have universal applicability due to their structural simplicity, durability, resistance to influence of atmosphere phenomena and environmental hostility, noiselessness, lightness and vibration resistance.

Control transmission structure provides secure vehicle operation in most hostile road conditions, at -40 to +100C.

Gear box cable drive

Gear box shift cable, supplied by KORA Ltd. is used for KAMAZ, YAMZ, SSAZ and ZF distance control gear boxes, installed on various types of vehicles.

High pressure pump control cable

Vehicle fuel transmission pumps provide exact rod control. There are no medium bearings and blocks, and the core has a special armor that doesnt allow cable to stretch.