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YAMZ Cabin


Development of optional implementation (or modification) for automobile ZIL-431410 and ZIL- 131 cab-over-engine.

Customer: Ural Auto Motor Factory (currently AMUR, Novouralsk)

Cabin Type: Front cabin (located above the engine), 2 seated, tilt cab for engines maintenance.

Developing cabins structure has to be installed without any changes of its parts.

During the development of this project model design style containing the following stages was used:

  • Calculation of cabins mass, automobile mass with developing cabin, axes load distribution, durability and rigidity calculations of automobiles frame rail, and brakes
  • Pre-project work-up design versions of cabins exterior view.
  • At the meeting of artistic council from the Region Designer Alliance Organization KAMA-Design there were five options of the exterior design developed.
  • Manufacturing of drivers workplace model
  • Manufacturing of three versions of cabin exterior in plasticine in 1:5 dimensions
  • Manufacturing of pilot master-model in 1:1 dimensions
  • Issue of casts for die and manufacturing of other tooling