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Modernization of interior and exterior of OKA automobile

Modernization work for OKA was custom-designed for ZMA Ltd.

Minicar factory was in real need for the design change of manufactured automobile, which was not modernized since the start of OKA serial production in 1987.

There were many reasons that influenced a decision to change its design. First of all, growing competition from foreign manufacturers that supply to the Russian market, more expensive but more qualitative new mini cars.

Second of all, expected cancellation of governmental order for handicapped automobiles. ZMA was selling approximately 50% of VAZ-11113 to the government.

Third of all, increase of production and also (sales) limited to the absence of the engine. Volshkyi Automobile factory- OKAs engines supplier, refused to increase the manufacturing amount above the limit. ZMA started to work on adapting engines from other factories, particularly MMZ, Ukraine. But the engine that satisfied ZMA with its price and technical characteristics had larger dimensions than the original. In addition MMZ gearbox was meant to fit on 13 inch wheels. All of this required changes in engines compartment and in the flared arch. 13 inch spare wheel did not fit in the engines compartment. A decision was made to move it to the trunk floor, and to increase the dimensions of the trunk by moving back the rear door. Automobile increased in its dimensions. Everything mentioned above influenced the decision to change the design of the cab.

Originally, ZMAs governing body was going to be restricted in changing the exterior of the cab. But there were technical imperfections-poor ventilation of VAZ-11113, and also sweated windows and visibility reduction (which is a safety issue!), became main reasons that influenced the change of the technical task- interior was added to the exterior with obligatory development of a new dashboard and new ventilation system.

The exterior was designed by KORA, and BisneSfera became the partner in interior development.

There were many project solutions offered to the client on interior as well as exterior design of VAZ-11113. On the web site there are only photographs of accepted to the implementation versions. During the fulfillment of the agreement mathematical models of modernized and newly designed parts were developed. Development of the new parts was subject to the technology of their further manufacture. There were necessary estimation made on durability and safety of dashboard, cabin ventilation and outer aerodynamics. Technical offers on further manufacturing preparation and release of forming and casting equipment.

Unfortunately, OKA modernization project was not realized because of the change of ZMAs owner and minicars phase out.