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NEFAZ Tourist

 Year 2003-2004

Interior and exterior development of tourist bus NEFAZ

This project was realized according to the fundamental stages of design works

In eight months period the following works were performed, work-up of design solutions to an issue of a sample and mastering of fiberglass parts production (front, rear and dashboard).

Consumer was offered more that thirteen versions of interior design. On this stage, there was a question to develop an original brand design for the whole bus line.

Within the bounds of this project, serial-parallel engineering approach which supposes synchronous work of designers, engineers, production engineers and patternmakers was used.

NEFAZ-Tourist Bus dashboard

Dashboard was custom developed for NEFAZ Ltd directors, based on a tourist bus on KAMAZ chassis technical task. KORA engineering team conducted an original arrangement of drivers working place: location of drivers seat and steering column, arrangement reach for other components such as buttons, keys, pedals and shifts, and also visibility range and standard windshield cleaning zones. Results of engineers work became the foundation for projects stylistic work-up. Engineers prepared more than twenty versions of sketches, before design-project of the new dashboard was established.

Based on the design-project, staff of the engineering department developed solid mathematical models of dashboard, elements of air distribution from frontal heater to windshield and drivers work place. These models were further used to calculate aero dynamical characteristics of air distribution system (in collaboration with engineering company BisneSfera from Nizhniy Novgorod). According to calculation results, controlling cap of frontal heater and windshield air venting defrosters were optimized, also the diameter of supplying air duct.

According to the mathematical models, technological accessories for fiberglass parts manufacturing, and then pilot batch of dashboards parts package.

Currently, dashboard parts package for NEFAZ-52991 bus is serially supplied to the assembly line of NEFAZ.

Currently, there are works conducted on the development of new dashboard for urban and interurban buses NEFAZ-5299 and NEFAZ-5299-08. To decrease the cost and to increase consumer properties and technological characteristics, dashboard is going to be designed with vacuum folding ABS-plastic technique application.

For the first time Tourist bus NEFAZ was demonstrated at international auto show MIMS-2003, where it was recognized with a diploma for the best automobile design. At MIMS-2005 NEFAZ-52991 was awarded a diploma as the best interurban (tourist) bus.

KORA Ltd. has patents on design solutions that were developed and realized in this project.