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Modernization of NEFAZ-5299

 5299 Year 2004

Exterior modernization of NEFAZ-5299 family

In 2004 first exterior modernization of NEFAZ-5299 family was conducted. This project was done according to fundamental stages of design-engineering works.

The project contained some special requirements from the customer:

  • In developing exterior design of the front and rear parts of the bus, its serial framework was saved
  • Fiberglass parts for all buses modifications were maximally unified

Gear box was developed for the original mask, rear part, and dashboard

Preparations for detail manufacturing of rear and front parts, dashboard were arranged. Now days, serial delivery of original parts to the assembly line of Neftekamsk Auto Factory is brought into the effect.

KORALtd. is realizing engineering support of serial parts manufacturing on its own production space as well as on bus production territory in Neftekamsk (installation of details to the buss frame and etc).

According to the accepted politics, we are constantly improving realized activity processes that directly lead to quality increase of supplied products.

KORA has patents for design-solutions realized in this project.

Interurban bus NEFAZ-5299-10 was awarded a 1st degree diploma in program Russias 100 best products

Year 2006

From 2006 until present day, works on finding new style of NEFAZ family buses are actively conducted, the style has to consider new design and manufacturing technologies, to comply with fundamental tendencies of international bus manufacturing, that found their realization in achievements of leading bus technology manufacturing producing companies, and mainly consumers (organizations and passengers) voice was taken into account.

NEFAZ-5299 family buss dashboard deserves special attention. Now days, development works of a new dashboard for urban and interurban bus NEFAZ-5299 and NEFAZ-5299-08 are performed. To decrease the cost and to increase consumer properties and technological characteristics, dashboard is going to be designed with vacuum folding ABS-plastic technique application.