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North Version of LIAZ-5256


LIAZ North Version Project

Projects results: development of the gear box, manufacturing of two sample buses. KORALtd. took an active role in North bus performance tests.

The following improvement activities that comply with State Standard requirements on vehicle performance during the boreal climate were developed and integrated and additional necessary equipment was installed:

  • Installation of heater in fuel feed system (Drawings 1, 2)
  • Installation of coolant heater (Drawing 3)
  • Installation of electric oil heater in engines containment vessel (Drawings 4, 5)
  • Use of available admitted air heating system on CAT-3116 engine
  • Installation of Webasto DBW-300 heater with new circulator (Drawing 6)
  • Installation of Air Top 2000 fan heater (Drawing 7, 8)
  • Installation of cabins intensified thermal insulation
  • Installation of glass packs on cabins windows and door wings
  • Installation of additional sealing of doors low and high edges openings (Drawing 9); Installation of hear insulators in motor and radiator compartments; (Drawings10, 11)
  • Installation of heat insulation in accumulator compartment and thermal system of accumulator batteries
  • Insulation of heat system pipe duct, steering control water tunnels, and clutch gear
  • Front bumper update and installation of a new flash guard (Drawing 12)
  • Modification of air feed system (Drawings 13,14)
  • Modification of exhaust system (Drawing 13, 14)
  • Update of brake pipeline
  • Installation of generator (Drawing 15)
  • Installation of impulse buffer unit (Drawing 16)
  • Update of drivers working place (Drawing 17)
  • Update of conductors place (Drawings 14, 18)
Drawing 1 Drawing 2 Drawing 3
Drawing 4 Drawing 5 Drawing 6
Drawing 7 Drawing 8 Drawing 9
Drawing 10 Drawing 11 Drawing 12
Drawing 13 Drawing 14 Drawing 15
Drawing 16 Drawing 17 Drawing 18

According to the results of operational tests took place in Hanty-Mansiisk in 2002, based on the local ATP

Operational testing of LIAZ-5256 buses in north version showed their obvious advantage at serial buses in north operational conditions, mainly:

  • Start ability at low temperatures
  • Comfortable microclimate at drivers working place and in passengers compartment.
  • Support of engines optimal thermal condition during the movement.

Solutions that were found during the development process of North version bus, were also applied to the typical LIAZ-5256 in order to increase customers properties of serial manufacturing of buses.

KORA Ltd. has patents on design solutions developed and realized in this project