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In the middle of 90s KORAs developments started to obtain recognition among specialists. Project Iceberg, that received a diploma of international auto show MIMS-96and a diploma of national prize Victoria in design area, in the same year, brought company its fame.

Cabins of long-haul truck have a frame-panel structure, which dimensions are using full legislative allowed height and width sizes of truck and trailer (2500 and 4000mm accordingly), and maximum acceptable length. Cabins length is limited, from one side with legislative dimensions and with medical and comfort requirements from the other.

Icebergs cabin transformed assembly is originally resolved; it provides two bunks, a stove, a sink, a toilet, a dining table and an audio-video system.

Characteristics of suggested approach to the structure are:

  1. Multifunctional use of cabins equipment and space: washstand is at the same time dining tables base, lower bunk is a resting seat and a clothing storage; a space under the shower could be occupied by bio toilet, a seat or a closet.
  2. An even floor of the recreating area with G-shaped form on the floor level allows having a lot of recreation space, to move around during free time and during the process of helping the driver, and allows transformation and movement of drivers seat.
  3. Axial location of lower bunk and availability of vertical bulk head increases loading pattern and provides safety regulations during collision and overthrowing.

Even floor application at the height of 1700mm provides the cabin with an opportunity to mount on the trucks extended landing gear for the scheme cabin-over-engine.

Ignoring the fact that this project was carried out in the beginning of 90s, none of the analogues provided the similar level of problem solving. All the analogues had appeared later, in the middle of the 90s, however they just started to approach the level of developed structure.

KORA Ltd. has a patent on this particular solution.