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Armored Frontier Automobile

Armored Frontier Automobile (BMP)

KORA was engaged in armored frontier automobile project-97 (object Vistrel) since May 2000 until August 2001.

KORAs participation in the project was customized for Russian Federal Border Services.

To the start of the project there was one copy of a model with armor imitation manufactured by the specialists from the Ministry of Defense and MBTU Baumann. At first, KORA was supposed to elaborate an engineering documentation by sketching an existing armored frontier automobile model; however as a result of models analysis, we have found many substantial engineering imperfections that would not allow launching the automobile to a serial production. Particularly, there was a cabin on the model, which was partially welded with clipped chassis frame KAMAZ-4326 (donor of Armored Frontier Automobiles aggregates), which substantially weighted down the structure and did not allow to achieve cabins necessary firm characteristics.

A decision was made to develop a new cabin of armored frontier automobile in dimensions of existing model that complies with Technical Task requirements.

Working in close cooperation with specialists from Kurgan Machine-Building Factory and completing their recommendations, KORAs engineering team had designed engineering documentation for armored frontier automobile in no time. Then, on original three armor structures were manufactured for KurganMashZavod, and passed to Naberezhnye Chelny for the following chassis aggregates, ceiling accessories and other equipment.

Assembly of three pilot samples according to KORAs engineering documentation was finished to august 2001 due to the effort of our production plant. One of the samples of frontier armored automobile was presented at the annual exhibition of special auto technology in Bronnizaca, two of others went to the performance tests.

Further serial manufacturing installation works of AFA-97 were conducted by the specialists from KAMAZ TSC.