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Fundamental work stages

Fundamental Work stages of design-engineering works, on the example of project of interior and exterior development of long distance bus NEFAZ-5299 Tourist.
Customer: NEFAZ

Defining together with the customer of functional requirements to the developing product;
Integration tests;
Development of the design based on complex space that considers the requirements of stylistic solutions, functionality and manufacturability (Development of Design-Project);
Optimization of structure based on questions of maintenance and technological qualities.
3D computer product design by using CAD system;
Analysis of products assemble ability
Kinematic analysis
Realization of mathematical model (if needed)
Development of diagrams and techincal-control accesories, that allow to provide stable production quality,components assembly (possibly different manufacturers and suppliers), fast and exact detection of why the components can not be assembled
Manufacturing of details for blank model on CNC machine in scale 1:1
Manufacturing of technological accesories and details
Development of schemes and technological-control accessory that lets to provide stable manufacturing quality, components assembling ability (possibly different manufacturers and suppliers), fast and exact exposure of reasons of components negative assemble ability.
Escort of developed structure during its adaption to the production line
Sample product test assembly
Development and manufacture of containers and other transportation and storage devices
Fulfillment of design documentation in strict compliance with mathematical model
Further design accompaniment of sample production
Constant increase quality of supplied products