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Design and Engineering

Companys strategy is defined by the development and participation in the perspective projects that are aimed at the development of countrys machine-building industry. Companys engineer-technological experience is defined by numerous projects, many of which were highly appraised in scientific and technological areas of the machine-building industry. All the works are done on the invention level.

Information on most of the projects was published in federal mass media.

We are ready to look through your order and offer you the following services:

  1. Development of design-projects (drawing, mathematical models)
  2. CAD engineering: development of mathematical models, virtual modeling
  3. Manufacturing of parts and technological accessories by using coordinated phrase tools from numerical program control
  4. Development and manufacturing of model samples and prototypes of automobile technology and cabs
  5. Development of engineering documentation
  6. Engineering of custom designed automobiles and special equipment
  7. Design and manufacturing of interior and exterior parts for automobile technology