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KORA ltd.

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One of the factors that influenced company’s positive image is an increase of products quality and KORA’s functions process due to the introduction of international standards equipment of quality management.

From September 2004, KORA’s quality management system complies with State Standard 9001-2008 requirements.

In 2010 we passed through re-certification in Russian Register certification Association for ISO 9001-2008 requirements compliance.

In September 2009 KORA Ltd. successfully passed through certification for requirements compliance for a GAZ Group supplier and acquired a certificate, authorizing KORA Ltd. to supply goods to GAZ Group. The certificate is valid till 16.02.2013.

Since 2005 KORA Ltd. has been implementing TS 16949 methodology.

Since 2005 to 2008 KORA Ltd. has been taking part in pilot project on ISO/TS 16949 requirements implementation and has received All-Russia Scientific Research Institute for Certification confirmation of declaration as of 20.03.2008 regarding quality management system implementation and application in compliance with P 51814. 1 State Standard (ISO/TS 16949) for cable gear shift drive sets, supplied to KAMAZ. The declaration is valid till 20.03.2011.

KORA’s quality policy

We consider that the main goal of KORA’s leader’s politics in quality management is to consent customer’s requests and expectations due to the constant quality increase, operational reliability, durability and security of our products and constant improvements of all business processes.

Achievement of this goal is supported due to the constant improvement of quality system that complies with Quality Management System Requirements ISO/TS 16949:2002 and introduction of TS 16949 methods.

The company hereby agrees to supply the customer with high quality products, possibly based on the quality development, analysis and improvement of all manufacturing processes. The company agrees to follow all the regulation laws.

To achieve the goal the company is responsible to aim its activity on:

  • The increase the quality, processes improvements, and improvement of consumer properties of manufactured goods, forecast of customer’s requirements, and conquering of products distribution markets.
  • Improvement of quality of new designs and products samples, in order to get customer interest in their application
  • Expansion of the set of products
  • Decrease of company’s production harmful substances on the environment.

Successful solutions of company’s activity mainstream are supplied:

  • By perfection of marketing research quality
  • By using modern design methods
  • By constant evaluation of customer’s specific requests for persistent improvement of quality and competitiveness of manufactured products
  • By formation of mutually beneficial and long term partnership with suppliers
  • By perfection of quality products purchasing system
  • By purchasing quality production equipment and perfecting manufacturing technology
  • By market expansion
  • By organizing a creating staff that understands goals and problems in quality area
  • By persistent training of the staff and discovering creative potential in each employee
  • By improving staff’s motivation system

General realization in company’s quality politics is the responsibility of each employee-from general director to the worker-for quality of their work.