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New: Electronic Pedals supply for Euro-3 engines

Date: 10 january 2008

Considering the fact that from January 1st 2008 according to the technical regulation “On requirement to the automobile technology pollution, manufactured on the territory of Russian Federation”, Euro-3 standard is obligatory for all automobile technology, KORA Ltd. the engineering company and a distributor of Telefex, during the course of 2007, was preparing a serial supply of Global pedals for Euro-3engines,of local as well as of foreign make.

Electronic Global pedals with sensor, comparing to the potentiometer sensor have many advantages.

In Autumn 2007, there were works conducted by the engineering services of our consumers on applicability coordination of electronic pedals, and pilot batches were passed on to GAZ, PAZ, KAVZ, LIAZ.

From January 2008, KORA Ltd.  is carrying  out serial deliveries of electronic pedals to consumers on the territory of Russia. Everyone who is interested in this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.