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KORA ltd.

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Governing Body

For all its achievements, the company mostly obliged to its staff- cohesive and dedicated team of professionals that consists of highly qualified specialists and enterprising leaders.

Distinctive quality of KORA’s leaders is based on creating conditions that benefit the development of the staff and encourage their creative strategy. There is a confident atmosphere in the company that encourages people to think critically and freely take intellectual risks. Company’s employees trust their leaders, due to that there is an increase in satisfaction in one’s job and an effective activity to achieve substantial results.

Director of “KORA Engineering” Ltd.
Boris Vladimirovich Sorokin

Chief Executive Office of “KORA Engineering” Ltd.
Evgeniy Efimovich Kogan

General Director of “KORA” Ltd.
Farit Nabievich Khabiev

Commercial Director of “KORA” Ltd.
Polina Ivanovna Nikiforova

To contact with the management please call:
Tel: +7 (8552) 39-70-87

Director of “InTexPlast” Ltd.
Bayazitov Airat Asfandiyarovich

Tel: +7 (8552) 39-43-09, 39-17-09, 38-47-65