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KORA ltd.

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“KORA” was created by the group of engineers from KAMAZ STC (Scientific Technical Center) in 1991. In that critical for our country year, they were bonded by the desire to develop in compliance with scientific-technical progress, and to get “cost-equivalent” result from their favorite business.

The period of company’s formation fell on the time of country’s transition from the command to market economy, which was accompanied by imperfection in legislation, destruction of close interrelations in USSR automobile industry and etc. Influence of those factors made it difficult for the company in the first years of its existence, but at the same time it promoted unity of the whole staff for many years of productive work and development.

Chronics of company’s formation

Stage 1. Design, engineering and manufacture of sample details for automobile technology became “KORA” Ltd, first priority. At the same time, company became number one Russian dealer of Hydro Mechanical Transmissions of Lvov factory. Besides that, appearance of key new theme-cables.

  • 1993: cash messenger automobile. Manufacturer: S. Kirov Factory, St. Petersburg. Automobile “Ladoga”- company’s first big and independent project. At first, engineers had unrealizable problem- to design an automobile with capacity of 450 kg with 3 personnel in armored capsule. This project was successfully realized.
  • 1993-1995: spare parts supply for HMT (hydro mechanical transmission) “Lvov-2” and “Lvov-3”. Work with consumer was already in progress- national educational conferences and specialty service literature.
  • 1995-Replacement of Lvov factory hydro mechanical transmission, GMP-3 on LIAZ-5256 buses, that was operating on KAMAZ gear box transmissions.

Stage 2. In the middle of 90s, “KORA’s projects started to receive recognition among specialists. Project “Iceberg” that received a diploma of international exposition MIMS-1996 and a diploma of “Best Design- Year’s Project” in 1996, brought company its fame.

  • 1996- Long-Haul Tractor’s cab project. Based on KORA’s patent, project’s working name was “Iceberg”. Development and installation of cables on serial production of LIAZ. Transmission was adapted to KAMAZ, YAMZ and ZF gear boxes.
  • 1996-2010-massive introduction of Kongsberg Automotive (Teleflex Morse); cables into Russian bus production industry, whose official distributor KORA is.
  • 1997 – 1999- supplies of Donaldson (the USA) products.
  • 1997- development and installation of transmission cables on LIAZ’s serial production. Transmission is adapted on KAMAZ, YAMZ and CATEPILLAR engines.
  • 1997 – 1999 supplies to the Russian market through IHR (Germany) spare parts - Elring, Contitech, BERU, MAHLE, Febi, Knecht...
  • Gear box and high pressure fuel pump transmission cables for power unit on KAMAZ-MASTER racing truck. All of the racing trucks that take part in international race Paris-Dakar are supplied with transmission cables.
  • 1999 -2001 Cummins parts stock.
  • Cab-over-engine design for YAMZ ( ZIL branch)
  • 1999- Replacement of Lvov factory HMT, HMT-3 on LIAZ-5256 buses, which was operating on KAMAZ gear box with electro pneumatic cable.
  • 1999-2000- “Caros” bus project with KAMAZ engine, custom designed for “Tatarstan Ministry of Transportation”
  • 2000- Power unit project: CATEPILLAR engine, KAMAZ clutch and gear box.
  • Adaption and supplying to LIAZ’s assembly line electro pneumatic actuator gear box KAMAZ

Stage 3. In the beginning of a new millennium KORA makes a decision to have its own production plant, in order to manufacture components of transmission cables, electro pneumatic actuators and auto technology interior and exterior fiberglass parts. All the works were done according to the Vital Production Cycle: from the development of the design to its introduction to the customer and its service, in order to fully satisfy each customer’s requirements.

  • 2001 –“Ikarus” bus project with KAMAZ custom designed for Naberezhnye Chelny Hauling Company (Autokombinat)
  • Participation in the armored frontier automobile project custom-designed for Russian Federal Border Services. Development of Engineering documentation for the cabin, and manufacturing of 2-sample parts with electro pneumatic gear box transmission.
  • 2001-2002-“LIAZ” bus project in North version. Development of Engineering Documentation, manufacturing of two sample parts. Participation in performance tests.
  • 2002-Introduction and start of supplying to the assembly line electro pneumatic gear box transmission YAMZ for LIAZ and AZ URAL, and electro pneumatic gear box KAMAZ for NEFAZ
  • Electro pneumatic transmission for automobiles with specific adjustments, that provides gear box control from two working places.
  • Organization of production of fiberglass details for NEFAZ buses
  • Mastering of fiberglass ceiling for logging automobile with 6000x2500 dimensions.
  • 2002-2003- Interior and exterior design project for NEFAZ tourist bus, development of Engineering Documentation and mastering of front and rear, and a dashboard manufacturing. The work was recognized with a diploma for the best design at international auto show “MIMS-2003”.
  • 2002-2004: Work on the small bus in class between GAZEL and PAZ.
  • 2004: Adaptation of electro pneumatic actuator of ZIL gear box of Smolensk factory.
  • Exterior Modernization of “NEFAZ-5297” bus series. Design-project of exterior, development of engineering documentation for front and rear parts of the bus, preparation for manufacturing and supplying to the assembly line.
  • Certification of quality system management “KORA” Ltd. on complying with Russian state standard specifications international ICO 9001-2001 and received a certificate # ROSS. RU 6.K00042 from 27.09.2004
  • 2004-2005: Modernization of interior and exterior of “OKA” automobile custom designed for “ZMA”
  • 2005: gear box electro pneumatic transmission for “KAMAZ-43114” automobile.
  • Back-up clutch cable for special automobile custom designed for “TatNIIneftemash”.
  • 2005-2006: Modernization of gear box electro pneumatic transmission: digital indication, self-diagnosis, design perfection.
  • 2006: Adaptation of electronic fuel management systems for trucks and buses with engine that comply with Euro-3 standards and higher.
  • Development of design-project of new dashboard for urban and inter-urban buses.
  • 2006-2007: Localization of VDL bus interior and exterior parts and dashboard manufacturing, launched from March 2007 at “NEFAZ”.
  • 2007-2008: Development and delivery for the production of dash board from ABC-TPU, for buses, that ensures better ergonomic requirements on vision of the control units devices reach, working place ventilation, work comfort for operators of different height due to the regulated steering column.
  • 2008: Mastering of fiberglass parts manufacturing for VDL Lexia bus body, produced by the licensee at “NEFAZ”.
  • Driver’s working place barrier project development and production preparation. Ensuring climate, sound-insulation, ergonomics and safety.
  • Design-project development for NEFAZ bus interior.