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KORA ltd.

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Our achievements

KORAs projects actively participate in national and international specialty expositions.

All the work is done on the innovation level and is copy righted.

Our employees annually visit International Automobile Saloon that takes place in Moscow, where KORAs projects were recognized by prizes and diplomas:

  • April 26, 2007, KORA actively participated in International seminar-conference regarding the questions of manufacture of components of automobile industry perspectives of development of automobile cluster the Republic of Tatarstan, that took place in Naberezhnye Chelny. KORA Ltd. presented samples of manufactured products on the stand-wall at the exposition center KAMAZ: throttle and electro pneumatic control blocks, electronic accelerator pedals, and also presented information about the products and area of auto components manufacture.
  • At MIMS-2005, KORA presented tourist bus NEFAZ-52991, that was awarded two diplomas in competition as The Best Tourist Bus-Jury Prize and Professional Prize
  • Took part in the second international exposition Aerospace technology and equipment, that took place in Kazan in 2004, KORA Ltd. was awarded a diploma for merits in development of aerospace technology.
  • At Moscows 8th International automobile exposition Motor-show 2004- presented a passenger bus with gas engine NEFAZ-52991-21, designed by KORA Ltd.
  • At MIMS-2003, KORA Ltd. presented a tourist type bus NEFAZ-52991 which was awarded a diploma for best automobile design in nomination Form+Function.
  • At MIMS-2001, KORA presented two projects: bus LIAZ-5256 in North version and armored frontier automobile that was custom designed for Russian Federal Border Service.
  • In 1996, at the 4th all-Russian contest-exposition Russian national prize in the design area Victoria, project Iceberg was awarded a Prize-winner Diploma in nomination Industrial Design as The Best design of the year Design-96.
  • Making a debut at MIMS-96, that was organized by ACM-Holding (Moscow) and International Trade&Exhibitions J/V Ltd. (London), KORA received a participant diploma; project Iceberg, that brought the company its fame, was marked by the exhibition diploma as The Best project-design of the year in 1996.