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KORA ltd.

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About the company

Engineering company of Kama Association of Automobile Industry Development-“KORA” Ltd. was established in August 1991, and throughout many years’ offers various quality engineered services in design, construction and manufacturing of sample parts for automobile production, and introduces different technical solutions for factory-manufacturers of automobile and bus technology.

“KORA” Ltd. is responsible for many various projects, including many unique ones that define company’s strategy and its face.

Having its own production plant gives an opportunity to decrease the path from a birth of an idea to the creation of a sample part and its serial production. Area of the production buildings is 2700 sq. m, and it contains metalwork, mechanical and modeling fiber-glass production.

Company’s activity mainstream:

Design, engineering, and manufacturing of sample parts for automobile technology
Adaptation and installation of electronic fuel management systems for vehicle engines which motors meet Euro-3 and higher requirements
Adaptation and supply of LOETC for special technology with engines, that comply with Euro-3 and higher standards
Development and manufacturing of gear box distance control cables and fuel pumps that could be adjusted on various types of vehicles
Development and manufacturing of electro pneumatic gear boxes
Design and manufacturing of fiberglass body parts for auto technology (carried out by “InTehPlast” Ltd.)

Company’s general strategy is to figure out a formation of market’s requirement until it is fully understandable by the consumer, to find a technical solution that will satisfy that requirement, and be the first one who offers it to the consumer.